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Industry and Society’s needs for sustainable management of raw materials in Europe: Exploring solutions for future action

The opening conference of the COBALT project was held on 28-29 November 2013 in Brussels (Belgium) and brought together EU and national representatives from industry, civil society, public authorities, research and geological surveys to explore and discuss opportunities and strengths related to sustainable raw materials supply and use in Europe. The FP7 project COBALT is funded by the European Commission and will be running from 2013 to 2015.

The conference focused at potential solutions along the value chain from extraction to consumption and recycling at end of product life. It also identified how industry, and in particular the manufacturing sector, can be best supported to meet the challenge of changing global material demands in ways which also deliver on social and environmental needs in relation to raw material use.


PDFOpening conference report “Exploring solutions for future action” (PDF, 2 MB)
PDFPress release (PDF, 189 kB)
PDFCOBALT 1st policy brief (PDF, 365 kB)

Programme & background paper

PDFProgramme (PDF, 817 kB)
PDFBackground paper (PDF, 814 kB)
PDFSpeakers’ biographies (PDF, 962 kB)

PDFShort summary of Working Group results (PDF, 421 kB)
PDFList of participants (PDF, 491 kB)

Keynote presentations

Session 1: Introduction and opening to the topic of sustainable raw materials management

Session 2: Panel discussion: Viewpoints on sustainable raw materials management in the EU

Session 5: Future dimensions of sustainable management of raw materials

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